Teaching at the university of Potsdam

Summer 2016 Aspectual particles

Summer 2016 Focus and focus-sensitivity

Winter 2015 Meaning and context

Winter 2015 The grammar of Ngamo

Summer 2014 Introduction to semantics

Winter 2013 Semantics II (Exercise course)

Winter 2013 Scientific writing with LaTeX

Summer 2013 Introduction to semantics

Summer 2013 Introduction to pragmatics

Winter 2012 Semantics II (Exercise course)

Winter 2012 Scientific writing with LaTeX

Summer 2012 Dynamic semantics

Summer 2012 Introduction to semantics

Summer 2012 Focus-sensitivity

Summer 2011 Semantics-pragmatics interface

Summer 2010 Association with focus

Other teaching

2016 African Linguistics School

2013 African Linguistics School